DNSdelve is a framework to gather information from the DNS zones delegated by a registry. It loads a list of delegated zones and queries them for various records.

DNSdelve was formerly known as DNSwitness but this name has been taken for a broader framework.

DNSdelve is optimized for periodic, unattended runs, for instance from a cron job. Results are typicallly stored in a databse, most of the time a rDBMS, to allow long-term surveys.

DNSdelve is composed of a generic socle, which handles zone file parsing and parallel querying of the zones and a module which will perform the actual queries. Thus, surveying the use of DNSSEC requires a DNSSEC module (which will presumably ask for DNSKEY records) and surveying IPv6 deployment requires an IPv6 module (which will, for instance, ask for AAAA records for www.$DOMAIN).

In the same way, storing the results is the responsability of the module. In most cases, modules will use the provided DBMS mechanism, to put the results into a database.


At the RIPE 57 meeting in Dubai:


Hosted at GitHub.

To actually use the program, providing you have a suitable module, see USAGE. The documentation of the modules is in files which are module-specific.

To develop a module, see APIPLUGIN.

To understand how DNSdelve internally works, see HOWITWORKS.

Licence: GPL See the COPYING file. DNSdelve has been developed at AFNIC, mostly by St├ęphane Bortzmeyer and Nicolas Delvaux.